Comic book:


The Dawn of the New Age

Volume 1:  

In the ancient past, the Gods created human beings to

live on this planet. But after the final battle, Armageddon,
the Gods left Earth in the hands of its people, who created

their own societies.


And now, in the present day…
On Earth, the fear of Gods has all but disappeared.


Meanwhile, there's a boy who lives in the Heavenly World,
and his chance encounter with a human will become

the trigger to reignite belief in the Gods and give rise to

a new era on Earth.


Humans have accomplished much over the years. However,

the people of the Heavenly World still look down on them.
And the Gods have continued to watch over the Earth.


Desires and ambitions clash as a brand-new era begins

to take shape.

eBook         110 pages 


Genre:  Fantasy, Adventure, Drama


Available Languages:  English, Japanese


Released on:  10/24/2014


Author:  Hiro Mizuyde  


English Translator:  William Flanagan, Erin Sabramanian 



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